Template Data

Jekyde uses Swig as template engine. The following is a reference of the available data when generating website from layout files.


Variable Description
site sitewide information and configuration
article current post or page information
articles the list of posts in current layout
paginator paginate information


The variable is available in all layouts.

Variable Description
site.title site title from config.yml file host name from config.yml file
site.root root path from config.yml file
site.paginate the paginate from config.yml file
site.posts a reverse chronological list of all posts
site.pages the list of all pages

Any other data that you specify in config.yml will be available under site.


The variable is available only in post and page layouts.

Variable Description
article.content the rendered content of the post/page
article.excerpt the rendered excerpt of the post
article.title the title of the post/page
article.url the url of the post/page without the domain the date assigned to the post/page the chronologically newer post
article.previous the chronologically older post

Any custom front matter that you specify will be available under article. The variable is the same as the element in site.posts or site.pages


The variable in available in index, archive, category and tag layouts.


The variable in available in index, archive, category and tag layouts.

Variable Description total number of pagination pages
paginator.previous the number of the previous page
paginator.current the number of the current page the number of the next page
paginator.urls the lists of urls of all pages